Why Clean a Machine?

Food Quality, Sanitation, Liability, Energy Efficiency

What's going on inside your ice machine? Are mold, bacteria and contaminants having a party in there? We'll clean it to protect food quality, your customers, and yourself.

And to save energy! It's a fact: A clean ice machine runs more efficiently, saving electric cost. Scroll the Before and After photos below, to see what a difference. Then call and ask about our exclusive cleaning and sanitizing process, for YOUR ice machine.

Before & After Cleaning

Energy Audit

A Clean, Well-Maintained Machine Makes More Ice & Saves You Money

Beyond cleaning and maintenance, Creative Ice Rentals also monitors the performance of your ice machine. Please, view the results of the Energy Audit, proving that a clean, properly maintained ice machine saves energy, money, and makes more ice.


Repair and Maintainence

Protect Food Quality and & Save Energy

Call 616.776.0840 for the best specialized service around! Our experienced Certified Refrigeration Technicians have a 40-year reputation for top quality service. Ice machines are our specialty, and our service is 100% guaranteed. Across West Michigan, depend on Creative Ice Rentals for prompt, expert ice machine service and repair. Call us now with your service request. Keep your ice machine clean. Learn more and ask us about ice machine cleaning and sanitizing.